Compact Real Estate Services is an authority in the field of real estate management. We have a clear vision regarding the management of real estate where the happiness of tenant of the property is paramount. This, in turn, guarantees stable rental revenue and less expiring contracts.

Code of Conduct Vastgoed Management Nederland
Compact Real Estate Services is a member of Vastgoed Management Nederland (VGM) and acts conform their strict Code of Conduct. This means the manager of Compact Real Estate Services has been screened before being allowed membership of VGM. All Compact Real Estate employees act in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

Compact Real Estate Services is ISO9001:2015 certified. This means processes are recorded even more detailed and all work is being done following the ISO standard.

Working with Compact Real Estate Services guarantees high net worth individuals, institutional investors and private property funds that their real estate is being maintained optimally at a competitive price. Real-time insight in expenditure and quarterly reports make sure any needed course directions will be made in time. The ultimate goal is keeping the customers of the client (the tenants) happy and consequently ensuring a steady rental income


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